Boffins trial driverless cars on Queensland roads, May 27, 2016, by Max Pichon

Driverless vehicles conducting rolling research are going to be hitting Queensland’s roads soon.

The Queensland University of Technology has been working with state government to integrate “connected and automated vehicles” onto the road network.

Main roads minister Mark Bailey to parliament of the plan, noting that it was in negotiations with Bosch and QUT’s accident research department “to test cooperative and highly-automated vehicles on our roads.

He noted that Queenslanders should start getting used to cars doing the driving for them.

Driverless vehicles have already been tested in Australia, getting their L-plates in Adelaide last year.

Bailey, speaking at a technology conference earlier this week, said that the negotiation with researchers and other partners were still in their early stages, and that test sites had not yet been selected.

Bailey stressed earlier this week at a technology summit that negotiations were in their early stages.Test sites have not yet been decided.

Bailey said Queenslanders should start getting used to the idea of cars doing the driving for them.