Insurance of Assets and Business Interruption

Our clients have the peace of mind that the correct Material Damage and Business
Interruption Declared Values and Indemnity periods are set. Eliminating any
potential Exposure to underinsurance where claim settlements
can be adjusted down by insurers.

DKG clearly establish the Cost to Replace your Assets and Business Interruption insurable Limit’s.

DKG brokers understand the diversity of General Insurance products designed and tailored to meet the needs of your commercial and personal assets and appreciate that these Insurance products are significant expenditure items.

We ensure you understand the basis of cover, the exclusions and additional benefits contained within all General Insurance policies we place:

Industrial Special Risk (ISR)

Business Interruption

Gross Profit



Plant, Equipment & Machinery

Machinery Breakdown

Commercial Motor fleet

Commercial Property

Residential Landlord

Business Packages

Construction Risk


Home & Contents

Private Motor

Pleasure Craft

We maximise the effectiveness of our negotiations with insurers by forming true insurer “partnerships”.

In the event of a fire or major disaster, the claim process and appropriate settlement outcome represents significant resource allocation for all stakeholders – our insured client the insurer, and DKG.

In the same way that total quality management principles suggest closer relationships with suppliers, insurers should be considered to be partners in the supply of insurance protection not on an annual basis, but over the longer term. Our partnership approach will ultimately provide greater stability in both premiums and coverage.

Rest assured our Insurer partnerships do not result in complacency. DKG demand the highest level of service in premiums, policy issue and claims settlements. Our role is to keep you constantly appraised of changes in the market, and exposures which might impact on your business, and the alternatives available to you. Whenever necessary, test those alternatives to ensure that the relationship is continuing to provide you with the most effective result.

We work actively with our clients and ensure the professional presentation of your risks to insurers. We explain the different facets of your operations and your overall philosophy to risk and insurance. We provide the most up to date and accurate information about your business and future plans. Where previous losses have occurred we work with you to implement the appropriate loss control measures and demonstrate to the insurers future losses can be prevented.