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Motor Fleet Insurance

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Motor fleet Insurance
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Every day one of your vehicles is off the road, is another day of possible income lost. Then there’s the operational cost of managing repairs and claims, dealing with drivers and third parties, impacting your bottom line.

DKG examine your current motor fleet insurance and claims handling programme and gives you our recommendations to consider.

DKG brokers understand the diversity of General Insurance products designed and tailored to meet the needs of your commercial and personal assets and appreciate that these Insurance products are significant expenditure items.

We ensure you understand the basis of cover, the exclusions and additional benefits contained within all General Insurance policies we place:


For over 30 years, we’ve specialised in providing motor fleet operators with comprehensive risk management. Our customers depend on us year after year, calling on our experience, high service standards and innovative claims and risk transfer solutions.

We have one simple objective: to meet the unique needs of your business through personalised service, sourcing industry-leading Motor Fleet Insurance products combined with end to end management of vehicle damage; accidents, repairs and recoveries.

About Us

DKG are all about relationships. We’re here to help. Our dedicated hands-on Directors and leadership group are the drivers of our business. We pride ourselves on our commitment to honesty and integrity in everything we do. We only take on clients when we can be sure of meeting and exceeding their expectations, you can feel confident that you’re in safe hands.

How do we do it

We talk with you to understand your business, then we undertake an extensive fleet, location and contractor risk assessment so you can be assured that your insurance policies reflect your needs and budget. But that’s just the start of our service to you. The cost of a damaged vehicle isn’t just the price of repairs – it’s inconvenience that isn’t on the road, plus the time it takes you or your team to manage the vehicle damage, accident, repair and recovery process.

What makes us different

When vehicles are involved in an accident or damaged, or the time comes to make an insurance claim, we take control of the entire vehicle damage, accident, repair and recovery processes.
Our rapid intervention and recovery program MAXIMUS has been developed to take the stress out of managing motor vehicle damage and the insurance claims process, so you can get on with running your business without unnecessary distraction. We create efficiency and reduce costs across the assessment and repair process. We organise the repair of your vehicles with your nominated repairers, or you can access our repairer network who are committed to lowering repair times and costs. Our experienced team and real time digital performance dash board keeps you informed across the entire process – so you’ll know when your vehicle will be back on the road.

Vehicle damage is estimated; quotes are assessed; and repairs authorised.

Drivers and Third Parties contacted and identified.

Recovery position established and action taken.

So whether you’re after peace of mind from an insurance policy that meets your specific needs, or confidence that your end-to-end claims process is in safe hands – we’re here for you.