Our way

DKG take the time to understand your business risk and operations and we are responsive
to your needs. Commercial insurance and risk solutions provided by DKG protect
your people and assets, and give you the peace of mind your company
can recover from any major loss.

Our approach

Gain a deep understanding of your business objectives and appetite for risk. Based on our understanding of your needs we formulate an Insurance placement and Risk management response that will provide value-enhancing insurance broking and claims management services, deliver cost reductions together with improved coverage and service efficiencies.

We offer a collaborative business model that seeks to develop true partnerships with our clients. Our primary goal is to ensure our clients are properly protected. Our service model is based on the following key tenets:

  • Understanding the key risk exposures in your business
  • Tailoring an insurance program to fit that risk profile
  • Managing your Total Cost of Insurable Risk
  • Developing service protocols and an experienced service team to meet your day to day requirements
  • Providing a transparent remuneration model with clearly measurable key performance indicators

Our offering reflects a simple aim – to be available when you need us using our experience and strength to deliver superior results.

Insurance Placement Capability

When deciding on the best insurers to approach on your behalf, DKG are not constrained by any national or international placement models, restrictions on market relationships or other prescriptive demands of the type that prevent some of our competitors from utilising the entire insurance market to the benefit of their clients. We maintain complete flexibility in insurance market engagement, allowing us the freedom to negotiate on your behalf with all insurers who meet our market selection criteria and are acceptable security to your company.

In addition to the market relationships and expertise of our own staff, DKG also has the backing of the Steadfast Group and their specialist personnel who manage relationships with insurers at a national and international level. Access to these resources allows DKG to fully leverage the $6.1 billion relationship that Steadfast holds with the insurance market.

Understanding Your Needs and Preliminary Review of Current Exposures and Insurance Program

DKG undertake a comprehensive risk and document review so we can ensure that your insurance program is tailored to your risk profile and future insurance buying decisions are informed by an understanding of total cost of risk and the full range of available insurance policy options.

Our review process encompasses:

  • Needs analysis discovery meetings/teleconferences with Directors & executives to gain a deeper understanding of key risks and business operations;
  • Review of current Insurer issued policy schedules, policy wordings and claims experiences;
Programme pricing and placement strategy

Based on our discovery meetings with Directors and key people, understanding the business operations and document review, we provide initial Gap analysis observations and recommend for consideration certain insurance policy classes. DKG then focus on program pricing and placement strategy which will be entirely bespoke and will depend on what our clients prescribe. If it is “no market approach” then DKG will include a comprehensive placement strategy. If market quotes are in play then DKG will articulate why we have selected certain markets, and whether we can improve pricing upon being appointed.