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Motor Fleet Health Check

Is your motor fleet impacting your bottom line? If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, we suggest an immediate FREE health check to unlock savings and efficiencies for your fleet.

2. Would you like full transparency of your claims?
4. Is driver safety a priority for you?
1. Are your insurance premiums on the rise?
3. Are you using analytics tools to optimise your fleet performance?
5. Do you have a dedicated Account Manager for your fleet?

Access Your FREE Motor Fleet Health Check

We’ll contact you to provide a FREE health check for your motor fleet and help reduce your exposure with competitive tailored solutions.

    Why DKG Fleet?

    Proven track-record
    When you choose DKG Fleet, you're choosing to work with one of Australia's most experienced fleet teams with over 30 years of experience. A dedicated Account Manager will work with you to understand your business and fleet needs and identify where we can deliver new savings and efficiencies.
    Did you know?

    With insurance premiums on the rise, we can help you reduce your premiums by over 20% by simply increasing your excess.

    We will review and structure the appropriate level of excess for your business to minimise insurance costs. Our team will also focus on claims management strategies to manage the under excess claims.

    Our approach

    At DKG, we'll assess your current cover, identify uninsured risks and help reduce your exposure with competitive and comprehensive end-to-end fleet solutions tailored to your needs.

    We'll show you how our technology – from an advanced client portal to sophisticated telematics – puts you in control, making fleet management easier and giving you new insights into vehicle status and driver behaviours.

    This not only saves money and time but improves the overall safety of your fleet.

    Driving Technology

    A singular view of your motor fleet

    Our portal provides a transparent, real-time view of your fleet and claims management in one convenient location.

    • 24-hour call centre support
    • 24/7 roadside assistance and towing
    • National repair network
    • Online claims lodgement
    • Real-time reporting
    • Repair and cost control
    • Third party recovery and cost mitigation
    Driving Technology

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